About this site

Update, 19 January, 2012:

Even though I am no longer in Bloomsbury, I will continue to use this site under the same heading. (The title was something of a joke anyways.) As before I will mostly be answering questions or elaborating upon points that come up either during lectures at the Mathematical Institute or during tutorials at Merton.


The intention upon starting this web-log was to facilitate communication with my current students. The idea was that response to one query could then be put to broader use. Since then, the intended readership has been expanded to include general students of mathematics at UCL and other institutions. The arena of discourse is in the process of gradual expansion as well. Of course I expect mostly specific questions that fall into my area of expertise, algebra and geometry. But even with other questions, there is a chance I will be able to direct you to better resources. So please feel free to ask.

Regarding the comment box, of course you can use it to ask for elaboration. However, if you feel that something I wrote is wrong, or could be explained better, I’d be especially grateful to have it pointed out.

Disclaimer: *None* of the opinions found on this site are my own. They are all products of endless mutation and recombination in the world of random thoughts and constructive ideas, involving contributions from most people and other things I’ve encountered, innumerable generations that came before them, and many whose very existence I am ignorant of.

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