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Roots and coefficients of polynomials

A question came up in the algebraic geometry revision session about the relation between the roots and coefficients of a polynomial. Here is a note that summarizes the statement.


Remark on the textbook

During the algebraic geometry revision session today, a question arose about the portions of the textbook that were not discussed carefully on class. So here is a list of the parts that are not examinable:

section 1.1.3
section 1.1.4
section 1.1.5
section 1.3.2

chapter 5
chapter 6

If there is a result in some of the other parts that depend on the results in the these sections, the *statement* used should still be regarded as important, even if the proof will not be examinable.

The introduction should be read, even if it is not examinable in a strict sense (except the ideas that reappear elsewhere).

Lecture notes on class groups

I was wondering whether the notes online are the complete set? I have noticed that towards the end there are certain chapters which do not have any notes e.g. Lecture 24, 25, 26. Is the content of those topics
essential and if yes, then will there be material provided to cover those areas?


Yes. The material for those chapters are in the optional coursework sheet 6 and the supplementary material `Some sample class groups.’

Lecture notes vs. online notes

Dear Prof. Kim,

I’ve noticed that the material in the online notes is a bit different from the lecture notes. Would it be reasonable to use the online notes as the main revision material and lecture notes as a supplement (say, for additional examples) while preparing for the exam or should we go thoroughly through both?


Online notes for the main revision is sensible. Make sure also to look at the supplementary material on the course webpage.