Far be it from my intention to clutter the blog with film reviews, but maybe this is a good time, just to give all of you a bit of relief from studying. In any case, it will only be a short remark about`The Class (Entre les murs),’ describing a year’s work for a teacher at a school in northeastern Paris. I do try to keep up with films about education and this one has been highly acclaimed (Palme d’Or and all that), so I was glad to catch it on the plane last week. Reasonably pleasant to watch, sure enough, but the show left me with a question, which perhaps some of you can help me with if you’ve seen the film as well: Are such innocent and impressionable students as depicted there really supposed to be problematic in some way? Somehow, I couldn’t at all comprehend that the situation could be perceived as a difficult one. There were minor obstructions here and there, but everyone in class seemed quite communicative and engaged.

After asking around a bit, I thought to pose the question here for some feedback. So let me know.

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