3074 exam questions

Hi Sir,

I have a few questions regarding the final exam:

1/. Will this years exam follow the same format of the test you set last year? i.e a stronger basis on method rather than proof.

2/. When looking at last years exam, I was unable to find the proof of question 1 part d in the notes. Where can I find the proof?

3/. Is it essential to learn the proof of dedekinds theorem for the exam?

4/. In last years exam, question 5, i.e calculating the class group, you said the class group was less than or equal to 6 where is this result from i.e the last paragraph of the answers.

Kindest Regards,


1. It’s difficult for me to give any precise answer to this question. I will just say that the overall distribution of types of problem will not differ too much from previous years. But you shuold remember my repeated warning that the notion of similarity in relation to a collection of problems needs to be understood rather generally, as happens when you have a sophisticated understanding of the material.

2. You should look at the article on primitive elements on the course webpage.

3. I can’t answer such a specific question. Dedekind’s Prime Factorization Theorem is certainly on the list of important theorems that I put in the summary.

4. For this question first I’ll ask you to read the previous portion of the proof very carefully. You can ask again if you’re completely stuck.


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