Dear Professor Kim,

Would you be able to go through question 3.b.i & 3.b.ii on the 2007 paper please? I know that the norm is 140 so the factors will have norms dividing (2^2.5.7)^r but I’m an unsure about what to do next and how to
lay out the answer.

Also, some help is needed with Q)4.b.iii on the 2007 paper. I’ve worked out a few norms using the fact that N(r – a) = m(r) but I don’t see anything useful.

Many Thanks!


Look at the document `A few past exam questions’ on the course webpage.

I strongly urge everyone to look at the material on the course webpage. I’ve received by now several questions on material that’s been discussed there, indicating that many people are not making full use of what’s already available.


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