World history

In my previous post, I made a reference to the `global community.’ This is a concept I think about frequently and, given the composition of the student body at UCL, I can hardly be alone in my preoccupation with its complexities. Of course I haven’t the competence to discuss such issues in any depth. But I thought to share with students a clumsy essay written a few years ago with the title `Is there a world history?’, perhaps to provide some comic relief during this stressful period. I was taking a German class in Bonn, and the teacher proposed homework dealing with the question of Turkish membership in the European Union, a topic of some immediacy at the time (and maybe even now). The original German I wrote in is unreadable even to me, but I also prepared an English version. As usual with essays that are dated, the ideas expressed look quite half-baked at this point, if not entirely wrong-headed, even in the span of two short pages. Nevertheless.


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