Redundant question on 2201 exam

Dear sir,

When reading through the web notes i came across a section 2.2.31 that says it has not been covered in class. I was wondering if we were required to know this proof for reproduction in the exam, or just to enhance our knowledge.

Also, having been through previous exam papers I was wondering if the proofs that were asked for in these papers would be needed in your exam (the ones not covered in class).

I have also heard from people who had come to see you about the possible percentages of proofs to application questions that may arise in your paper, is it possible to clarify how many marks could possibly gained through theory alone (without application).

Thanks very much,



I chose the title for this post because most aspects of this question have been dealt with in previous posts. I won’t point to the specific ones because reading through many of them should be a useful exercise. I strongly urge everyone to read through the previous posts. In their entirety, I believe they provide a reasonable feel for the exam.

I will reply here to the last question: It’s hard to give a precise percentage because it depends on which questions you choose, how the whole paper looks and so on. But I can say that if you just memorize perfectly the proofs in the notes but have no understanding of how they work or how they might be applied, your score will probably be dangerously low.


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