2201 exams

Dear Prof Kim

is fermat’s little thm included

2006, 2007 past papers are similar, 2005 confuses me a bit with the style of the questions; i know the same knowledge is required but the style of the question makes it easier for me to understand what exactly the question is asking; which set is closer to your style

you divided the paper saying one question each from first three topics and three form the last two; 1) number theory 2) polynomial rings 3) JCF – 1 question each 4) bilinear and quadratic forms 5)inner product space – 3 from these two; plz confirm

kindest regards


(1) Yes, Fermat’s little theorem is critical to much of the material on congruences. (Obviously, a reply like this does not guarantee that you will be examined on it.)

(2) Regarding the past exams, I don’t want to directly contradict your impression, but it might be most informative for you if I say honestly that I don’t see a real difference in style between 2005 and 2006. (Which is what I have access to at the moment. I’m in Bordeaux right now.) If you would like to formulate more precisely what the confusion is, I can try to help more.

(3) The distribution of problems you describe is correct.


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