2201 coursework and past exams

Hi Professor Kim,

I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

I have recently been attempting to look at some past papers for the Further Linear Algebra course though it would be really useful to have the solutions. Do you know if they will be made available in the department office soon?

Also, we were told during the last problem class that the last few homeworks would be marked ready this term. Do you know where these can be collected from?

Many thanks,



Thank you very much. As it happens, I got rather sick over the break and consequently didn’t catch up on nearly as many things as I would have liked to!

The marked homework can be collected from the departmental office starting tomorrow.

Regarding the past exams, the general policy is that the past examiners decide whether or not to release the solutions. If they’re not available, I can’t really ask to have them. From a pedagogical point of view, I myself would rather not have the solutions made public because that tends to encourage a very passive approach to studying the material. Of course, when you are working through them, feel very free to ask specific questions!



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