Summary of linear algebra: update

There is now an expanded version of the practical summary for Math 2201. The main difference is that a list of questions of various flavors has been added. I have received several requests to make a practice examination available. This is something I am unwilling to do because my past experience is that practice exams encourage a very passive approach to studying. So the list is something of a substitute. However, they should not be taken as directly indicative of exam problems. As I’ve repeated many times, the exam will be very similar in pattern to previous ones. Regarding my list, the intention is to encourage reflection, and a view of the connections between the topics you’ve studied. Of course, if you feel entirely comfortable with the material surrounding these questions and can work them out efficiently, you should have no difficulty with the exam. Feel free to ask for elaboration, after you have given them sufficient thought .

The summary is likely to be amended in the coming months, so be sure to check back every now and then.


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